15 Texts Between Husbands And Wives That Will Hurt Your Face!

Marriage can involve silly fights, ridiculous conversations, and the dumbest exchanges, especially when you’ve been together for a long time! Through the joy of text messaging, these interactions get to be brought along on the road, even after leaving home. Here are 15 text messages you’ve probably sent to or received from a spouse before.

1. When you use your strengths against them.

2. When you realize punctuality isn’t always optional.

3. When having a kid brings out the childishness in you.

4. When you try to be smooth with compliments.

5. When you can’t play games, you always have someone to turn to.

6. When you buy yourself presents on their behalf.

7. When you know how long getting ready takes so you prepare in advance.

8. When you realize that’s not how diets work.

9. When you set up elaborate scenes to mess with them.

10. When reading up on healthy recipes doesn’t change the fact that it’s pizza night.

11. When your desires become more practical.

12. When you have to spell it out to be understood.

13. When childish arguments escalate to childish insults and jokes.

14. When you make passive aggressive jokes.

15. When there’s a hidden agenda behind a compliment.

At the end of the day, you’ll always love your spouse! But no one ever said married life was going to be easy! Did you relate to these texts, or have you sent very similar ones in the past? Give this a like and share away for other married individuals to see!

Feature Image Source: Aspyn + Parker