Life Of A Dog Dad In 10 Simple Photos. Trust Me, It’s About YOU.

Are you the daddy to an adorable pup? If you are, you probably know the joys that come with taking care of and spending time with your fur ball. You train, care for, and love your precious pup with all your heart – so this Father’s Day, Barkpost decided to honor you! Teaming up with illustrator Natalie Marion, they released these amazing, adorable illustrations showing all the quintessential parts of being a day as a pup daddy. Check it out!

1. You’ll never need to worry about hitting the snooze button too many times.

2. Toilet breaks are never boring.

3. Everyday chores are much easier with your helper pup!

4. Playtime usually makes a mess, but neither of you care!

5. It’s hard to stay awake while doing boring work and snuggling with a pup.

6. In fact, work usually dissolves into play soon enough.

7. Sometimes, you’d rather hang out at home with your fur ball than go out with friends.

8. Pups make great wingmen!

9. There’s no better person to watch the big game with!

10. And after a long night of binge-watching TV shows, it’s time to sleep and do it all over again.

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