Six Day Old Pygmy Goats Are So Happy They Can’t Stop Bouncing!

Pygmy goats have grown a lot in popularity in recent years, and there is little wonder why. Pygmy goats are amazing pets to have; they are friendly, playful, and love being stimulated. They enjoy music, food, being loud and silly with one-another. Kind of like that one uncle we all have when he gets too drunk, but much cuter.

You can always tell when pygmies are happy: they yell and smile with joy. A happy cat or hamster… may be a little bit more difficult to tell. They may rub against you or be a little more active, but nothing completely out-of-the-ordinary.

Pygmies on the other hand are a lot easier to read. Not only do they make noises and smile, but they do something bizarre, yet completely adorable: they hop!

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