The Reason Why This Baby Cries On Ellen’s Show Will Leave You Speechless!

Most of us had a chance to spent time around a baby, and we know that when it comes to crying, nobody does it better. Actually, crying has a tendency to be their primary type of communication. But in some cases, when babies begin to cry, that’s because they want attention, food or a pleasant long rest. But this baby has a whole new reason.

One day while singing a song “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” by Sara Evans, one youthful mother saw that her girl’s response was a little bit strange.

Rather than smiling, or falling asleep like most children have a tendency to do when they hear a melody, little Mary-Lynne, who was only 10 months old at the time, started crying. They weren’t normal tears.

Obviously despite the fact that Mary-Lynne was very young to understand her mom’s words, she was incredibly touched by the sound of her voice. Mary-Lynne’s response turned out to be so popular over the web that she and her family even got an invite to Ellen, where her lovable response was caught on live TV.

Watch the video to see this child’s passionate response to her mom’s singing. Have you ever seen anything this way? Don’t forget to SHARE this post with your loved ones on Facebook!