Jap Woman Uploads 40 Photos Of How Her Husband Makes A Mess At Home And You’ll Feel Her Pain

In a spousal relationship, there’s always a tidy partner and a messy partner involved. One spends hours keeping things in order whereas the other one leaves things lying around. That is what makes life seem more like a situational comedy, one contrasting element with another. Alas, it isn’t the case and we need to sometimes cut corners with our partners when it comes to cleanliness.

There’s one couple from Japan who are exactly like this. She has created an Instagram account called ‘Gomi Sutero’ which literally translates into ‘Throw Away Your Trash’ where she uploads photos of the mess her hubby leaves behind. Needless to say, the humor is over the top. Here, have a look for yourself –

1. At Least Aim For The Bin!


It seems like he does not care where the bin is. He just dunks the crumpled tissues and does not care whether the ball passed through the hoop. The wife has to bear with the extra work he gives. Maybe, you could make the husband to compensate for his actions. He could give her a message, I suppose.

2. A Treasure Trove Of Worn Socks


He must have deposited pair after pair until he ran out of them. Now that his wife has found the missing treasure, he ought to reward her for her tenacity. It takes a lot of perseverance to find these things and to bear their smell as well.

3. The Story Of The Trimmer On The Toilet Roll


He is surely a clumsy oaf! Otherwise, you cannot expect anybody to keep their trimmers in such a dangerous position. But you can give the husband full marks for common sense. He surely kept the thing at the right height. But it seems he thinks of his own convenience only.

4. Fishing For Foot Mold In The Shoes?


The wife told her husband to keep the fishing rod in the right place. Look at the place he has chosen. The big dummy! He must have been fishing for molds in his shoes. Now the poor wife must keep it in the right place herself. But is he really to blame. She told him to do the work.

5. Who Spilled The Confetti?


The confetti on the birthday was never cleaned up. The wife must wipe the floor before he creates another mess. We sympathize with her for her misfortune. Why don’t you put the crackers under his rear? Darn that donkey!

6. Now He Loses The Cap Of Toothpaste Tube


He has left the toothpaste tube open. Now the wife has been assigned the painful task of searching it in every nook and corner of the house. Just help her out, FFS. And next time, don’t do it. She shouldn’t have married you in the first place. Now she will have to bear this all her life.

7. Where Is My Iced Tea When I Need It The Most?


You want iced tea, and you don’t get your fill of iced tea, thanks to the courtesy of the careless husband. He took his share and left the half-filled pitchers for you. How considerate of him! Doesn’t he deserve a prize for his compassion? Another pitcher of iced tea, over his head.

8. Did The Hair Brush Want To Become Spiderman?


That is the mark of an excessively intelligent person. But this seems more like a prank to scare the shit out of somebody. Imagine the wife searching for her hairbrush when she notices the comb stuck like this. What would she think? How did it even get there?

9. The Tapes Could Double Up As Coasters, You Know?


Wow, he has left his half-sipped iced tea on top of the tape! Maybe he preferred a sticky beverage. Or he did not have a coaster at hand. What a stupid person! He needs to have some memory pills at his disposal.

10. Yeah, On A Crumpled Paper Trail


Why did he leave a trail of crumpled tissue? Was he trying to give a clue of some sort? Or did he simply leave it, because he could not bother to throw it in the bin? Watson, the plot thickens!

11. For God’s Sake, Take The Comb Out Of The Dryer


He must have forgotten to take out the comb from his dirty linen. Then it got washed in the laundromat. We found a dry one in the dryer when we heard some clunking. The wife must have thought that the machine had some big defect in it. Little did she know!

12. Yeah, That Is One Convenient Place

via 8

That does not seem like a bad idea at all. Instead of popping this piece of trash in the bin, he has used the periphery of the door to hold it! Absolute genius, I say. The wife has made sure that she keeps a record of this miraculous feat in question.

13. The Toilet Roll Tower


Wow, he has now stacked all the toilet rolls, one top of the other. What is going on in his mind? Is he trying to cover up something? Or was he simply doing it to bide his time while he was doing the poo? Who knows? He’s simply staying in his own fantasy world.

14. Now He Forgot His Glasses


He has forgotten his glasses in the tub! Then he would blame his wife for that. Maybe, the wife is snapping away pics to show him that it was his mistake. She needs to convince him with some sort of proof.

15. Is This Seaweed Or Kale?


This is better. At least, this is cleaner than the rest. But maybe he needs to be taught some table manners as well. How come the seaweed is lying around like that? That makes you wonder what the nitwit husband might have been doing before this picture was taken. Just gives you the shivers, doesn’t it?

16. The Comb Atop The Toilet Tower


That’s in fact a good place to keep a comb if you were searching for an alternate to keep it. Wouldn’t it be great if you used the same comb for better use? Like, smacking his derriere red, for instance? Maybe, he could start remembering things after that.

17. The Case Of The Half-Eaten Pork Salad


This woman woke up in the night to this. An eaten bowl of pork and some stir fry with greens or a Pork salad of some sort. Whatever be the case, we feel sorry for the lady to have to go through this at midnight. She certainly needs to hammer some sense into her husband.

18. Now, Did He Forget To Brush His Teeth?


Who leaves their toothbrush lying around like this? Maybe, he was going to brush his teeth and then suddenly, he had an important call to attend, and then he forgot that he had to clean his teeth. Man, that sucks! And we have a stinky mouth in the house now!

19. Again, No Tea!


To get through the day, one surely needs some tea. But after a hard day of work, if you have to look at this empty bottle, then your emotions get deflated. This certainly drives you nuts. Wouldn’t it be a nice idea if she poisoned her husband by putting some in the iced tea?

20. Now, This Is The Limit!


If I had been in the wife’s place, I would be chasing him with a cleaver in my hand. He is certainly going to regret this one. Who leaves the macintosh lying around like this? The floor must have been extremely sloppy. I certainly have some things to discuss with this lady’s mother-in-law.

21. What Is That Lying On The Washing Machine?


Congratulations, the spool has found its way on the top of the washing machine. This is a new place, and that man is going to get an award for it. He is going to get the spanking of his life!

22. Does He Collect Empty Medicine Strips?


Which kind of man would leave medicine strips lying around? Maybe he’s thinking of pawning it to the junkyard. That will give him some pocket money to survive because he is surely going to get driven out of the house. He seems to have a whole lot of sit in his head.

23. Now He Left His Mask Lying Around


I have seen many people donning glasses in the bathroom, but somebody wears a mask too? That’s weird. But look at what he has done again? He has left the wet mask to be disposed of by his wife. That man takes too much for granted. Had he been my husband, I would have given him a dropkick for that.

24. At Least, Dispose Of The Shrubbery


Greenery looks quite cool in the toilet. It can even bring a whiff of freshness in the loo. But if you have gardened the greens, then you need to do away with the excess. This son of a gun has left it over the cistern tank. I just feel like giving him a kick in the shins.

25. Now, Where Did He Leave The Towel Lying Around?


Where is the Goddamn towel? He must have forgotten nit somewhere, again. This man needs some memory pills. But where will the poor wife search for it? Maybe, it’s time to call the cops.

26. Boogers On The Wall? He Sneezed Right There!


He sneezed and left the snot right at that place! God, doesn’t he care to wipe his boogers off? Maybe he thinks it is funny, or artistic, or both. Who cares. Where is my shotgun! I guess this man has caused enough destruction. The evil has to be nipped in the bud.

27. Hair Dryer On The Washing Machine


Hairdryer lying on the washing machine could mean two things only. Either the dryer of the laundromat isn’t working or he forgot to pick it up, again. Why don’t you hang him out with the clothes, so that you too can leave him high and dry for his worthless actions?

28. He Doesn’t Even Bother Disposing The Toilet Paper Spool


Maybe, you should stuff this in his mouth, so that he remembers to put it in the right place the next time. You know, you could just hang the dustbin around his neck, so that he can get a sense of disposing of the wastage at the right time.

29. The Trimmer’s Charger Lie On The Bathtub Cover


How very convenient of him to leave this lying around. All hell will break loose when he would be searching for it to charge his trimmer again. You know, you should really throw it away. He deserves to have a little punishment for his follies.

30. Kimchi On The Sofa


How can you leave food lying on the couch? I mean food is something that a man cannot forget at any cost. But while watching TV it is possible for a person to forget his favorite munchies lying around like that. But I won’t be able to leave my beloved Kimchi lying around just like that! I know of a friend who forgot his half-eaten shrimp salad in his bag. After three months, he found out that he had forgotten it. He had to get rid of his bag which smelt like rotten fish all the time.

31. A Stray Sock Lying Around? Not Again!


Now he has left his sock lying here. This one is a stray one, separated from the herd. This man’s Mom must have had a lot of grey hairs. All because of his careless as hell nature. Does he even give a damn about it? I don’t think so!

32. I Found The Towel That He Misplaced


Finally, the case of the missing towel is solved. We have found the towel. But who was the culprit? All of us know who it was. Thank God, the lady was able to solve this case. But it has taken a lot of time. Who in their right mind would leave it here? Wait, does this man even have a mind of his own?

33. I Don’t Believe He Left This Lying Around


You cannot leave the speaker’s jack lying around. It is such an important part of your sound system. Right now, Mr. Hubby has conveniently left this equipment lying around. But when he will need it, he will turn the whole house upside down.

34. A Tissue Paper? Now This Is The Limit!


Who leaves the tissue paper lying around on the floor? Of course, it could be possible with a dirty pig in the house. But this man is like a thorn in the foot for his wife. She must have to slave around a lot! Her husband is worse off than a child.

35. He Forgot To Brush His Teeth Again?


The brush is in the stand, with the paste on? Man, it looks like he went to the office again without brushing his teeth. I mean, how forgetful can a man be? He simply needs to have brain surgery. I feel like sending the wife some sympathy. The husband’s office colleague will certainly have to bear with his bad breath for the day.

36. Did He Forget To Wear His Pants Or Pick His Pants?


Looking at the photograph, it is hard to imagine whether he opened it and left it as it is, or was he intending to wear it for office, but forgot it midway? Then he would be embarrassing himself on the way to work. What if he reached his office in his underwear?

37. The Spool Of The Empty Roll Is Way Too Precious


I mean, how crazy is this? Who can keep the toilet paper atop the roll that is being used? Maybe, he kept it for good luck. Or he presumed that nobody was watching him, so he sneaked one in. Wifey dear will sure get it out for him. But he needs some spanking for sure.

38. He Forgot To Load The Toilet Roll Again!


It is an unspoken rule, but one expects this minor courtesy. Japanese are the most courteous people in the world. So, forgetting to load the toilet paper seems to be out of the question. But this man is an exception. Just have a look at the picture. His wife must have taken this shot out of angst.

39. He Left His Bag On The Toilet Door


Moral of the story: This man is forgetful as hell, or he’s simply careless. I guess we cannot blame him entirely for this messy habit of his. Maybe, some people are born that way. You simply cannot help it. It would be better to leave this topic here only.

40. What Can You Say About That?


I think all of us have thought enough and said enough. Just give him some rest, and that will result in us getting some peace for ourselves. Allow us and the unlucky wife to get some sleep. Good night! We and she deserve some rest. We are humans, not zombies, you know.

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