11 Fishy CEO Confessions. Uh oh, Someone Faked His College Degree!

We all think highly of chief executive officers or these so-called CEOs. Why the frigging not? They hold the highest position in their respective companies, and it’s no secret that they fought dragons, monsters, and all sorts of ugly beasts to get to the top. They’d gone through tons of depressing challenges before they achieved the success they got. They are respected in their fields of expertise for they are smart, experienced, and hardworking.

However, just like anyone of us, there is a side to them they’d rather keep a secret. Stuff they are so ashamed to share to public because if they did… ugh, complete disaster. Luckily, some of them recently had the chance to vent it out anonymously and it has probably given them that kind of relief they never felt in a long time.

So, what do you get? These quirky confessions from our beloved CEOs! I never though they could be this craaazy!

Keep clicking to read all them silly CEO reveals. Exciting!