12 Sad Dogs Whose Beds Were Stolen By Their NICE Kitty Housemates. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Ancient cats must have been treated so badly their tortured spirits are now coming back stronger and meaner. Today’s kitties are just not nice. They be acting like they own the world, and they want everybody to adhere to their rules and regulations no matter how unfair they are.

And, the ones they sort of bully most times are our beloved dogs. These sassy cats take over their beds without mercy. They be like: “I get the bigger, better bed because I am the bigger, better creature.” Like, say whuttt?!

On the following pages, you’re gonna see pictures of dogs mourning so deeply because some cat thieves snatched their cradles. I honestly feel for these pooches. It’s kinda heartbreaking to see them making the most out of what’s left.

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