12 Tear-Jerking First & Last Photos Of Pets That’ll Make You Want To Hug Your Pets Forever

Losing a pet is a difficult experience. As the mom or dad to a pet, you spend endless time, effort, and love on them to give them the best life they can live. Eventually, it has to come to an end, but the sadness can never outweigh the beautiful, heartfelt memories you share.

Sure, they may drive you up the wall and make you roll your eyes, but they fill your days with happiness, love, and laughter. What more could anyone ask for? These pictures compiled below are the first and last photographs taken of pets by their moms and dads.

Despite all their melancholy, they show us how special having a pet can be, and how much joy they can bring into one’s life.

1. Genevieve grew up with her best friend, and he was with her till the very end.

2. This man recreated his childhood photo with his pup once for nostalgia, and the second time to say goodbye 15 years later.

3. Mikie and his best buddy were destined to be inseparable from the first day they met to the last day they could be together.

4. A lot can change in 16 years, but the love has only gotten stronger.

5. He learned to read with his pup Docker, and 14 years later, they could still read together.

6. A joyful meeting, and a solemn farewell.

7. In 16 years, this adorable little puppy grew into a strong, handsome dog.

8. The excited first night, and the sorrowful final night.

9. From chewing on toys the same size as him, to resting on the couch like an old retired gramps!

10. It’s amazing how much one pup can grow.

11. Indie the kitty was blind, deaf, and had seizures, but lived a happy life thanks to her family!

12. Cats grow from being so tiny you can hold them in one hand, to being big enough to take on a tree!

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Feature Image Source: amikawaiiuguu