These 14 Cows Are Totally Weirded Out By The Pooch That Is In Front Of Them!

One dog suddenly finds himself in the middle of a ranch. Now, there are 14 cows behind him. All of them haven’t met him before, thus tension is building up a little too fast.

YouTube/Rumble Viral

YouTube/Rumble Viral

His eyes say it all. He is afraid for his life. He doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know where to go. There’s just no escaping this.

I could literally hear this guy say these things in his head: “Dang it, they’re coming closer I could feel it. Don’t move. Don’t move. Are they sniffing me for realzzz?! Are they gonna slaughter me now?! I ain’t a bad person! Dear heavens, please forgive my trespasses.”

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