15 Hilarious Examples Of Emotional Outbursts You MUST Read Today! #15 IS Epic.

Life can throw some pretty mean curveballs! Chances are, when life pitches you one of these, you’ll discover you’ve left your bat somewhere and get hit right smack in the face. Ouch!

But life doesn’t always have to be gloomy, even when it gets way too good at baseball. Sometimes, you can smile through life’s hardships and come out on the other side unscathed with the help of some humor and relaxation.

To help you overcome life’s stress, here are some hilarious thoughts about what happens when the going gets tough!

1. When Mondays are so horrible you cross them off of the week altogether.

2. When you wish life was like a movie, but not for the reasons you think.

3. When you find out social media changes people.

4. When you make connections with nature.

5. When you contradict yourself.

6. When the only way anyone will call you is if you owe them something.

7. When you realize the only option might be to leave the planet.

8. When you wish you could start it all over again.

9. When you aren’t rich.

10. When you have to resort to sarcasm.

11. When you have ulterior motives for studying.

12. When you ask the real questions.

13. When you can’t escape life, even in death.

14. When you count down the years.

15. When you learn to be truthful without being truthful.

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Feature Image Source: Brightside