15 Horrible Engineering Fails That Will Amaze You

You know those moments when you look at someone and think” how have you survived this long?” Some people just are not meant to contribute to society. Here’s a few engineering mistakes to make you scratch your head and wonder where these people got those fancy degrees from.

1) How is this person supposed to park in their driveway? They’d better have really low HOA fees.

2) I wonder how many cars will fall when the train hits that concrete.

3) Isn’t that bridge supposed to connect?

4) I suppose half a toilet could be considered a urinal.

5) Why is there an outlet under a faucet? Drinks? Hors d’oeuvres? A good electrocuting, anyone?

6) How is a wheelchair supposed to use a half ramp if there are still stairs? Watch out for those last three steps! They’re a doosie!

7) Speaking of ramps, that one is more like a cliff diver.

8) This playground must be from “It.” Pennywise has got to be down there waiting.

9) I’m just going to leave this second story garage right here.

10) Such a beautiful brick staircase. Leading to nowhere. It’s probably a trap for drunk college kids with an officer waiting there.

11) Is that a Swastika building?

12) Made sure you duck if you want to shop upstairs for linens!

13) Even funnier than this unusually high ATM is the guy still trying to use it.


14) And this person who sat down to use one.

15) If a tree grows through McDonald’s roof, can they call it an atrium?

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