16 Funny Tweets From Wives That All Married People Will Relate To!

Ah, marriage – the great end game that many young boys and girls dream about, and something that many young adults aspire to achieve. But once you’re in it, you might find that some parts of marriage are just hilariously not what you thought they were!

These tweets just about encapsulate everything weird, exasperating, and funny about marriage that you’ll definitely relate to if you’re a husband or wife! Take a look.

1. Doing one chore will probably not get you through the rest of your life.

2. Trying to avoid chores is a fruitless endeavor.

3. Budgets can be highly negotiable.

4. And there are plenty of rules to follow.

5. You know that “wife is always right” stereotype? It’s kinda true.

6. In fact, wives can often just say everything you’re thinking without you having to speak – maybe.

7. If you disagree, you’ll have to face THAT look.

8. Your status as traditional head of the house means nothing when it comes to kittens.

9. Or groundhogs.

10. Or cute animals in general.

11. On the other hand, taking care of your husband can be incredibly difficult.

12. It might take you forever to educate your other half on how to solve the easiest treasure hunt ever.

13. Leading to the unnecessary labelling of things everywhere.

14. Sometimes you’ll wonder if it’s possible to give him back.

15. You might occasionally reach the conclusion that sometimes chocolate is better than marriage.

16. But at least you always have someone to come home to who will greet you with nothing but love.

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Feature Image Source: ValeeGrrl