Abandoned By His Family, This Dog Never Forgot The Man Who Gave Him A New Home

Boo was left outside with the trash when his previous owners left him after moving in Detroit, Michigan. For a month, Boo stayed on the family’s old mattress waiting for them to return. Mike Diesel, the founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, finally heard about the homeless pit bull and decided to help.

Fifteen hours of fried chicken trails and hamburgers later, Boo finally gave up on his old family and decided to put his trust in Diesel. The dog quickly found new hope in Diesel’s kindness, oh, and Sausage McMuffins and Diesel promised Boo that everything would be alright.

Soon after his rescue, Boo found a foster home with a woman who spoiled him rotten and decided that he absolutely had to stay so she’ll be adopting him.

He even upgraded on his food and now loves his new life. He eats a diet of rotisserie chicken and filet mignon regularly and his new owner is home with him 90% of the time.

He is still being treated for heartworms but his recovery is going well and he’s energy level Is increasing. His loyalty is now to a good person. Boo still gets visits from Diesel and loves seeing his friend from the curb.

He has been able to visit Boo about seven times since he was fostered and Boo seems happier every time.

Check out Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue’s Facebook page and you can keep tabs on their work as well as click on the “Donate” button if you wish to help out with their mission.

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Images & Feature Image Source: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue