Adorable Puppy Gets Hiccups For The First Time. His Reaction? Priceless!

New things can be pretty confusing and even a little scary to a young puppy, even if that new thing comes from himself! Something like a too-loud bark or a fluff of falling fur might leave a little fur ball very confused. In this case, though, the puppy in question has been surprised by a new phenomenon – hiccupping!

This puppy is so cute; you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling. He looks so unbelievably adorable! At first, he’s just sitting and minding his own business like a good boy – but the, the hiccups attack! He visibly jumps, startled by the strange thing his body is doing. Whatever could it be?

As the hiccups continue, the pup becomes increasingly more confused. He decides to take the safe route, and begins to warn the hiccups not to come again!

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