Adventure-Loving Chicken Accompanies Her Human On A Cruise Around The World!

Life itself is already an adventure. But, in order for you to experience what “living” truly feels like, you have to be brave and go on millions of adventures that would test you to your core. Most times, though, it’s pretty scary to take the risk.

However, this chicken named Monique doesn’t have any misgivings participating in extreme and thrilling exploits. Did you know that she’s currently sailing the world with her human, Guirec Soudee? They’ve been doing it for two years now!

Facebook/Guirec Soudee

Facebook/Guirec Soudee

Guirec and his fowl have already crossed the Atlantic, and it’s a feat worthy of praise. Based on a recent update, they’re now cruising around Greenland. And, they’re planning on reaching farther places.

Monique is of huge help to Guirec. The chicken lays somewhere around six eggs on a weekly basis. It’s enough to feed her human’s tummy.

Below is a video Guirec himself posted on YouTube. Watch how great of a relationship and teamwork these two folks have. This was taken during the earlier parts of their voyage.

Video by YouTube/Guirec Soudee