Baby “Accidentally” Poops In His Onesie… Now Watch The Dog’s Hilarious Reaction!

Babies have yet to master a number of functions and skills, and sometimes that can take non-humans by surprise! Take Max the dog, for example. He’s enjoying a nice, calm summer afternoon lying next to his baby human brother Hollis on a reclining chair. He’s peaceful and half dozing off, and the two paint a perfect picture together. Well, at least they do for a little while!

Mommy, who’s recording the serene scene, can’t help but notice that Hollis looks like he needs to go. At first, the young baby just farts, which is funny enough to viewers, but that doesn’t jog Max at all. Max remains half-asleep next to him, earning some praise from Mommy for being so sweet and tolerant. But then watch what happens next!

Something comes after Hollis’ fart, and it’s that which disturbs Max so suddenly. The second he catches a whiff, Max’s confusion about what just happened turns into shock and he quickly leaps off the chair. He’s gone so fast, you’ll wonder if he was ever there, and his movements jog Hollis’ seated position and make him tumble onto his side. Hilarious!

Take a look at this video!

While Hollis seems unharmed by this mishap, Max is long gone and has decided that a disappearing act is the best thing he can do right now. This ridiculous occurrence is so laugh-out-loud funny, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself! So do give it a like and share away!

Feature Image Source: Kyoot Kids