This Baby Elephant Is Getting His First Bath… Keep Your Eyes On Mama! Too Cute!

Elephants are known for being majestic, intelligent creatures, but sometimes it’s just enjoyable to watch them having fun! Navann the baby elephant lives in Chiang, Mai, Thailand, where he and a troop of other elephants stay in the Elephant Nature Park. It’s bath time for the young one today, and luckily for us, we get to see it happen!

It’s a well-known fact that elephants take little baths to stay cool, and it can even help prevent bug bites and sunburn. That must be way Navaan is looking forward to his bath so much! He paces out of the big elephant pen and starts running around excitedly.

He even stops by to give one of the park’s elephant handlers a bit of love! He must be well taken care of to trust his handlers so much. Everyone seems to love the animals and care for them compassionately. What a great place for little Navaan to be!

A little kiddie pool is set out for Navaan to play in, and he jumps right in, running in and out of the pool as he pleases under close supervision from his mom. The water must feel lovely and cool on his skin! Meanwhile, other elephants that are still inside their pen look on. They almost seem jealous of Navaan’s pool! Don’t worry guys, your turn is coming up soon!

Take a look at this video!

This must be such a fun day for Navaan. Who knew an elephant could be so adorable? If you checked out his antics, give this a like and share!

Feature Image Source: elephantnews