Big Dog Doesn’t Want Her Sibling On The Bed. What She Does Next? Hilarious!

No matter what, all siblings are bound to have their disagreements, and this applies to pups as well! These two funny dogs are proof of that. For some reason, this yellow labrador is adamant that only she should be allowed to come up onto the bed. But her little sibling would like to be up there too. Naturally, a compromise needs to be reached – but what happens instead is hilarious!

At first, these two fur balls both rest on the bed. They seem happy and peaceful, just chilling out together and supposedly enjoying each other’s company. That’s just an illusion, unfortunately! The bigger dog notices that her smaller sibling is resting alongside her, and she thinks fast. Trying to look innocent, she reaches her back legs out as though merely stretching. And then she uses her paws to push her little brother off the bed! Oh dear!

This naughty dog continues to stare straight at us, as though she’s completely oblivious to what she’s just done. Meanwhile, her younger sibling is gone and nowhere to be seen. Tsk, tsk! That’s no way to get along, you two! What a sly pup.

Take a look at this video!

On the other hand, maybe we’re all just reading this wrong and the whole thing was an accident and a misunderstanding. But with that mischievous look in the labrador’s eyes, that’s a pretty hard sell for me!

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Feature Image Source: Uyen Nguyen