Brave Kitten Spots An Intruder. Now Watch How She Defends Her Family! Aww!

Ever had that moment when you’re home alone and suddenly a coat on a rack becomes a person and you tackle it or get seriously spooked? LOL. Seriously, we’ve all had those moments at some point in life. For a small kitten though the world tends to be a scary place all the time. The kitten in this video takes it to the a whole new level.

I want to say this now… “NO KITTENS WERE HURT IN THE FILMING OF THIS VIDEO!” The music in this video is definitely the icing on the cake though. It can really change the tone of the video. What would happen if it had been some happy music? I wonder… but no, they set it to some classic horror movie tune!

Take a look at this intruder and try not to smile, please!