Brave Limo Driver Saves Puppy From From Brooklyn Bridge!

For those of us who are feared of heights and falling, bridges can be very scared. The likeliness of falling off a bridge, particularly in case you’re in your auto, isn’t high, yet it can still be horrifying.

Now imagine that picture and fear being a dog that does not comprehend what is occurring. They realize that autos are huge and loud, however they don’t understand how risky autos are until it’s too late. If they get spooked, a dog will run out and could get hit and killed. So, a bridge is the last place you’d want your dog to be.

Recently, this little dog got lost and ended up on the Brooklyn Bridge. A limo driver Garrick Quinones happened to see the scared dog falling down on the side of the bridge. He acted quick and pulled his auto over to save the dog before he got hit.

Garrick is a toy sculpting lover and felt attracted to the dog that looks like Toto from ‘The Wizard of Oz’. He stooped down in traffic to force the dog towards him; however the pup was very far. But, Garrick wasn’t confused! He figured out how to make a rope utilizing his telephone charger and could hand up the dog and take him to safe place.

Like these people who rescued a canine from cold Michigan waters, Garrick thought about the puppy’s safety before his own.