This Cat Be Doing Ballet Like Nobody’s Business. Slay Us, Queen!!!

Everyone could probably dance, yes, however not all people have the right to do ballet. For one to nail it, he/she has to have grace, flexibility, an extremely on-fleek posture, and passion. Like, you can’t just fake ballet and expect people to applaud you. It doesn’t work that way, folks. If you choose to be a ballet dancer, you got to have what it takes to be one.

And, one cat has everything that it takes to be a friggin’ ballerina. A cat. No kidding. I’m playing no games with you. A kitty knows how to do ballet, and she’s great at it your jaw will drop to the floor.

I, myself, refuses to believe that she is real.

There will be a string of photos of this feline showing off her brilliant ballet moves on the following pages, so don’t leave just yet. You are in for a treat! Be prepared to be completely slayed by this underrated ballerina!

Keep clicking! Be in awe of this kitty’s ballet skills!