This Dog Had Been Chained His Whole Life. When He Had His First ‘Freedom Run’? Tears.

Dogs are naturally zesty animals. They have such awesome energy, and they just love to play! They’re supposed to be running wild and free, exploring the world in all its vast grandeur. So, it totally breaks my heart whenever I see canines in cages, or when they got chains around their necks.

A dog named Biscuit knows how it feels to be put in a cruel confinement. He had been chained his whole life. See, he didn’t have much freedom to enjoy growing up! Luckily, he was rescued from such agonizing environment, and now he’s enjoying all the love and care showered upon him by his new family!

This pooch never had the chance to wander through the gorgeous outdoors, so Biscuit was recently granted his first “freedom run” on a 6-acre lot.

Video by YouTube/Rumble Viral

What an emotional moment! Did you see how he ran and leaped and jumped on that field? It’s where he truly belongs, and he almost couldn’t believe that he’s finally free from the shackles that held him back in the past. I’m so happy for you, buddy!

Featured Image by YouTube/Rumble Viral