This Dog Is Having The Greatest Day Of His Life. When You See Why? Stunning!

You know that feeling you get when it’s so hot that you want to jump into the nearest body of water and cool down? Unfortunately, as humans who need to maintain proper social behavior, we can’t do that. But a dog sure can!

When this pup was taken on a walk by his dad, they happened to pass by the Brooklyn museum, which has a nice water fountain just spritzing out refreshing water. The sight of that fountain was too much for this dog to handle! Maybe it was the hot summer sun or an incredible thirst, but whatever it was, it’s rewarded us with this awesome video!

The pup rushes straight into the fountain, running along the jumping water and leaping together with it. He looks so happy to be enjoying such a refreshing romp. He quickly opens his mouth to drink some of the fountain water as he rushes along. What an energetic pup! His excitement is definitely infectious, and you’ll find it really hard not to smile along!

Take a look at this video!

If you have a pup at home dying for some way to cool down, why not turn on the sprinkler system and let them run through? They’ll be grateful for it, and they’ll be just as happy as this dog right here! Don’t forget to like this video and share it around with your friends.

Feature Image Source: Viralnova