Dog Rescue Fakes This Puppy’s Death For A Reason You Just Won’t Believe! OMG.

When pups are in severe danger from abusive owners, sometimes animal rescues have to resort to extreme measures in order to save them. However, it can occasionally arise that all the neighborhood rallies in the world might not be enough to rescue the desperate fur ball.

That was the case for pit bull Lucy in Egypt. Her owner had abused her severely, resulting in both sides of her jaw being broken. A rescue group in Cairo heard about her suffering and attempted to rescue her, but the owner refused to give her to them. The worst part was that Lucy’s owner was also the shelter’s landlord, and getting on his bad side might spell disaster for the business.

The broken jaw meant Lucy couldn’t eat food that hadn’t been specially mixed. The rescue group was deeply concerned that waiting too long would mean the worst for Lucy, and they contacted Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR) for help. They discussed all possibilities and hatched a plan that would save the poor pup from her abusive owner. What was this plan? To fake her death.

In order to carry out the plan, they told Lucy’s owner that she had passed away, then quickly flew her to JFK airport, where volunteers sprang into action. They took Lucy to a veterinarian, where she was diagnosed with infection from her injured jaw. According to the vet, “the injuries showed that she was either kicked or hit with something strong, like a brick”, said Lauren Connelly of SNARR.

For months, vets worked on reconstructing Lucy’s jaw. She earned the nickname Licky Lou because she could only lap up dog food soup with her tongue during the process. But finally, the surgery was completed and she emerged healthy, with an adorable underbite.

Lucy now lives in a foster home with a foster mommy and daddy and three fellow human siblings and. Despite the abuse she suffered, she is friendly and sweet and loves to befriend other humans and pups! She’s a bit shy around men she’s never met, but she’s doing well and is happy and healthy! Want to help Lucy find a forever home? Visit SNARR on Facebook! Don’t forget to like and share!

Feature Image Source: SNARR