Dog Who Was Afraid Of Everything Works At A Vet Clinic Where She Comforts Other Animals

Maui was another silent victim of a backyard breeder. She was silent because she was kept in a dark shed, never able to see the sunlight. After finally being rescued at nine months old, she was terrified of everything. Her new mom, Linda Orlowski-Smith said that she would even projectile vomit at the sight of a leash.

Maui began going to work with her new owner, who works at a vet clinic, and still was terrified of everything, but slightly lesser so.

She acquired a new sister when Orlowski-Smith adopted a Great Dane mix named Maple and very quickly bonded with her, giving her a new-found confidence. At the clinic, they both have jobs that they enjoy performing and Maui is even confident enough to walk the halls alone now.

Both dogs love the baby kittens and puppies that come in. Maui feels like she must be in the exam room with them. Maple likes the humans and knows to comfort them when they’re sad.

Maui helps the scared patients by walking them to where they need to go and ensuring that she is there when each animal waked up from surgery. She also has a favorite- a bunny named Gracie. Maui wants to be in Gracie’s cage constantly and loved being near her.

Not only has Maui grown into a confident dog, but she’s decided to use that to help other animals.

She’s a regular superhero with four legs and her family couldn’t be more proud of her. You can keep up with Maui and Maple’s adventures on Instagram.

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Images & Feature Image Source: Instagram / poodgiecat