This Dog’s Dolphin And Goat Impressions Are Absolutely On Point. I Can’t Believe My Ears!!!

I just doubted by whole existence even more.

See, I stumbled upon this video of a Boston Terrier pooch. He’s cute, yes. But, that’s not the thing that made me feel so insecure.

YouTube/Rumble Viral

YouTube/Rumble Viral

He does impressions. He imitates the sounds of goats and dolphins. And, he’s awesome at doing them. I’M LIKE HOW COULD HE DO ALL THAT AND. I. CAN’T. COULD NEVER. FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE.

I could not almost believe my eardrums while listening to him. I initially thought he’s gotten some battery-operated device implanted in his throat that helps him do all these cool impressions. But, no. The guy got natural talent and it’s something I would never possess. Me sad.

Watch the hilarious video on the NEXT PAGE! This dog’s goat and dolphin impressions are so good!