16 Touching Photos Of Adopted Dogs On Their First Day Of Being Home. I’m So Happy For Them!

Get your emotions ready for this is going to be a heart-rending ride.

What I am showing you right now are these heartwarming pictures of dogs on their first day of adoption. At last, some kindhearted souls decided to take them home! They finally have their respective families who will give them warm beds to sleep on, and, of course, the biggest love in the world!

Some of these pooches were forsaken by their previous owners. It just makes me so happy to know that they’re finally getting the care and attention their charming, fluffy, adorable selves deserve. They got new parents who will never desert them. Ugh, who’s chopping them onions???

The joy on these dogs’ faces are just pure gold! Who wouldn’t want to adopt these lovely creatures?

Keep clicking! These newly adopted dogs are going to give you the feels. FYI, it’s okay to cry.