If Dogs Ruled A City, This Is Who You’d Come Across On Your Way To Work!

You can meet some pretty interesting characters just walking down the street. While every person is their own individual self, you might start to see some similarities between them from a distance. Apparently, dogs face the same predicament as we humans do. With that being said, here are eight types of dogs you’ll meet on the street.

1. Phone Addict

This pup can’t seem to put their phone down. It makes you wonder what’s so important that they need to stare at a screen in the middle of the street. Surely Facedog and PupTube can wait until they’re seated somewhere so they don’t barrel into everyone walking the opposite direction. It’s even worse when they stop walking suddenly just to take a selfie for Furgram.

2. The Exercise Freak

Rain or shine, you see these dogs as you leave for work in the morning or come home in the evening. Usually armed with a water bowl, these pups are decked out in full-on workout gear and that Fur-Bit gadget they seem to love so much. If they’re on a walk with their humans, they are usually seen tugging the led so furiously that they’re several feat ahead. Didn’t anyone teach them to heal?

3. The Teenagers

If you hear barks and howls so loud you wonder if a clowder of cats has been let out, then chances are it’s a group of teenager pups. They love to walk in a perfect horizontal line that stops anyone from passing through and they talk very loudly. They gossip about who has the most expensive toys, laugh about going to a cool new bar for chicken broth shots, and scream about the latest movies (like Captain Dog: Civil Bark).

4. The Snail

The snail pup isn’t a strange hybrid animal, but a dog that walks way too slow. Seriously, there’s no reason for anyone to walk this slow. The worst part is that they tend to walk right in the middle of a street, making it difficult for anyone to go around them. It makes you want to throw a tennis ball in front of them just so they’ll run out of your way.

5. Business Person

Unlike the snail, this fur ball always seems to be in a rush. Usually seen with a briefcase in paw, they’re always dressed smartly with not a single fur out of place. They can often be heard talking on their phones about dog park meetings and bone treat sales as they rush by as fast as their paws can carry them.

6. The Lovers

PDA takes on dog form in the lovers. These two pups will always hold paws, kiss each other excessively, and share spaghetti like the Lady and the Tramp. They’ll make you want to yell at them to get a kennel, but they won’t hear you if you did – they’re too wrapped up in each other’s fur.

7. The Tourists

These pups stand out like a sore thumb. They’re usually dressed in obviously tourist-y clothes – like a Hawaiian shirt, big hat, and sunglasses – and are often more than a bit lost. They’ll ask you the way to the famous Mount Dogmore, request directions to the White Pup House, and question you about the whereabouts of the Fur Ball Museum, all while holding an upside-down map in their paws.

These are all the pups you’ll meet while strolling down the street. As if anyone needs more reason to stay in and watch Dogflix all day! Do give this a like and share around if you enjoyed it!

Feature Image Source: Flickr