If Dogs Went Shopping, Here’s Who You Might Bump Into At The Mall!

Shopping in a mall can be fun or hectic, depending on what you’re there for and how much you enjoy the process in the first place. The more often you go, the more you notice that the same types of people seem to be in every shopping complex. Little did you know that dogs face the same problems, too! Without further ado, here are different dogs you see in a mall.

1. The Window Shopper

This dog looks, asks about prices, and tries out products in shops, but never buys any. They might ask for a discount on that kennel, but no matter how low the price gets, you know they’re not going to put their money where their paw is.

2. The Bored Partner

We’ve all seen this pup sitting on a bench waiting desperately for their partner to finish shopping. They slump over listlessly, keeping themselves occupied by playing Pup Treat Crush on their phones or taking a nap.

3. The Crazy Teens

This group of young fur balls is loud, obnoxious, and way over the top. They howl about cute dresses or cool Kong toys and bark about the hottest actors and actresses in that Dogpool movie that you’re fairly sure they’re too young to have watched. Overall, they’re just way too loud.

4. The Bargain Hunters

As soon as they hear the word sale, these fur balls come running faster than if you said “You wanna go on a walk?” You’ll never catch these pups buying anything at full-price, but the moment something is 50% off, their paws are all over that new collar and leash set that they don’t need.

5. The Couple

Whenever you see these two pups, you wonder why they can’t just get a kennel. They don’t just link paws everywhere they walk, they also give each other kisses non-stop, all while their tails wag a mile a minute. You can deal with some PDA, but this is too much.

6. The Documenters

Usually found travelling together, these dogs stop to take selfies for Doggygram every few minutes. It’s like they have to document every single thing they’re doing, from eating peanut butter spoons at café to going shopping at Forever Doggy-1. You’d think they were gathering evidence!

7. The Floater

This fur ball has no direction whatsoever. They’re usually wearing earphones as they listen to the latest tunes from Justin Pupperlake, or they’re texting on their phones constantly. They walk extremely slow and stop suddenly to send out texts. Why come to the mall if you’re just going to do nothing???

8. The Giant Family

How can one family have so many puppies? It looks like there’s five full litters of pups in that group! You have to look twice to be sure it isn’t just a field trip for similar-looking dogs. Good luck if you end up lining up behind them at McDognalds. You’ll never get served.

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Feature Image Source: Fan Share