During A Bitter Snowstorm Woman Noticed A Box. What She Saw Inside Broke My Heart

On a street corner in Cleveland Ohio, under the onslaught of a brutal snow storm, sat a box. The box’s thin cardboard walls were the only protection that the four little kittens inside had from the frigid temperatures. The body temperatures of the kittens were rapidly dropping, leading them to a certain death in the cold of the night.

A curious woman passing by stopped, peered into the box, saw what it held, and called the police who called the Cleveland Animal Protective League (CAPL). CAPL rushed to get the one grey and three orange kittens before the weather claimed more victims and took them straight to the vet who determined that the little ones had only been out long enough to get the sniffles and not long enough to cause any permanent damage.

The four kittens, now named Smalls, Squints, Repeat, and Benny most likely survived the cold weather by clinging together, and they still do today. However, they have also learned that human hands hold a lot of warmth and love.

At six-weeks-old, the kittens are already in a great foster home. When they’re big and strong, they’ll be up for adoption into loving, forever homes. Keep track of the Sandlot snow kittens on Facebook. You can also help the CAPL to save more animals like Smalls, Squints, Repeat, and Benny by making a donation here.

If, by chance, you are a curious passerby that happens upon a litter of needy kittens, be sure to call the police or animal rescue in your area to get them help.

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Images & Feature Image Source: Cleveland Animal Protective League