Family Was Reunited With Their Lost Dog, But He Came With A Surprise! OMG.

For a family that has pets one of the worst feelings is when your furry family member goes missing and that’s exactly what happened to the Mendez family. The Mendez family lost their furry family member Corky when he decided to take a special outing.

Credit: Kim Montez

Credit: Kim Montez

The problem is that Corky’s outing turned into a 7 year adventure. During that time the Mendez family never gave up hope that Corky would find his way home. Their hope was that someday he would find his way back or be returned unharmed. Although as each year passed their hope dwindled.

Until one day they got a call from a shelter that had picked Corky up while he was walking down the road in Texas. However, when Corky arrived at the shelter he wasn’t alone.

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