They Gave This Porcupine Some Corn. Now Turn Up The Volume To Hear “My Precious!”

Most wouldn’t consider a porcupine a pet, probably because of those sharp quills that everyone would rather avoid! But if you weren’t so worried about getting hurt, you might actually notice that these little rodents can be quite cute. In fact, some of them are adorable enough to make you smile.

One of these cute porcupines is Teddy Bear, and his favorite treat is corn on the cob. So when Teddy Bear’s mommy gives him some corn to chew on, he quickly grabs it in his tiny paws and starts chewing away. Either he’s really hungry, or that’s some delicious veggie right there!

But when Mommy asks him to share some of his corn with her, he instantly starts protesting. Who even knew that porcupines made those adorable little noises? He’s very vocal in his complaints, demanding to have his yummy treat back and refusing to let go of it. That’s a lot of spirit for a tiny animal!

Take a look at this video!

In the end, Mommy lets Teddy Bear have his corn on the cob in peace. The small porcupine is so thrilled that he even exclaims loudly to thank her. What a sweet little thing! He sure knows his manners, and he’s sure to charm his way into many a heart.

It’s worth noting, though, that porcupines aren’t meant to be made pets, and generally prefer to left in the wild. Now that you know, do give this a like and share!

Feature Image Source: Zooniversity1