Golden Retriever Would Rather Float Than Swim. So Weird And Hilarious!

This dog puts on its favorite white-dotted pink life jacket, goes to the pool, then…


YouTube/Rumble Viral

As you can see, this Golden Retriever lives a very chill life. When you think about it, swimming is such an utterly physical activity, which just doesn’t gel with its way of living. This pooch won’t ever do that. So, it would rather float and be completely relaxed than get breathless and exhausted. Like, do you see the logic in that?

YouTube/Rumble Viral

Pooch looks happy and contented. Who are we to judge?

YouTube/Rumble Viral

“I do not need any of your expert opinions. I live my life the way I want it, so eat your hearts out. Peace y’all.”

Video by YouTube/Rumble Viral