This Guy Takes Spectacular Photos Of Forest Animals. Think I’m In Love With The Wild!

It is quite a challenge taking decent pictures of our pets. They just wouldn’t look straight to the camera’s lens when we need them to. It takes a lot of coaxing and sweet talking for sure.

What more wild animals? They are not used to humans being near them, and they usually don’t like people taking snaps of them. But, that’s no big deal to passionate shutterbug Konsta Punkka. He loves taking pictures of these undomesticated creatures because they trust him. But, because he always has snacks to offer to them!

“I don’t feed these guys much, just a few peanuts to get them stay close to me to take the shots,” Konsta said to Bored Panda.

The result? Incredibly stunning photos of forest animals that will affect your soul. Dayum, these pix are mesmerizing I can’t get enough!