When You Hear This Adorable Kitten’s Meow, Your Heart Will Definitely Melt!

Think of the most adorable sound you’ve ever heard. Now, times that cuteness level by ten. That’s how much cute is in this video. Princess Nyanko is a young kitten who loves attention from her mommy and especially enjoys being pet. She’ll be sure to let you know how much she appreciates it, too! This precious kitty is very, very vocal!

In this video, little Princess Nyanko is seated on her mommy’s lap. When Mommy starts petting her, she begins to meow. But it’s not just any ordinary meow – it’s the tiniest, sweetest, most adorable meow you’ve ever heard! Aww! She continues to meow to Mommy, perhaps saying she’s hungry, or asking for attention, or maybe complaining about being woken up.

Honestly, it’s very difficult to worry about what her meows mean when they’re this cute! This kitten even starts trying to climb up her mommy’s shirt during the video, as though trying to get closer so as to get her message across. She’s a cat on a mission! There’s no way that you can watch this video and not want to melt!

Take a look at this video!

Princess Nyanko has an incredible power – she can make just about anyone smile. Feel your troubles melt away as you watch her cute antics! Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up, and do share away with your friends, too!

Feature Image Source: 姫にゃんこ