Human Tells Husky To Get Out Of The Bathtub. Dog Responds With The Cutest Tantrum Imaginable!

We are all stubborn in some way, and that side to us usually comes out whenever someone tells us to do something we are so not into.

How we hate being told what to do! It drives us nuts each time mom or dad or a sibling or a roommate or a pet tries to wake us up when we are just not ready to let go of our comfy pillows. Or, when someone forces us to dance in front of others when it’s just not our thing–ugh, so disgusting.

Being stubborn, however, isn’t a trait exclusive to human beings only. Animals can get a bit hard-headed as well. One example is Zeus, a handsome Siberian Husky. He knows what he wants, and he gets super irritated when his human wouldn’t let him do certain things. Stuff like getting out of the bathtub.

Aww-dorable clip coming up!