If Dogs Could Text Here Are 15 Hilarious Ones To Expect! #15 Is Just EPIC!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if dogs could text? Wonder no more! Here are a bunch of transcripts that show exactly how that would work out!

1. You’ll find out just how yummy your important documents are.

2. Your greedy little pup will tell you how awesome “fat” is.

3. They’ll win every argument by using their neutering against you.

4. It’d be super easy to cheer them up, even long distance!

5. There will be lots of arguments about how toilet paper should be used. Lots of them.

6. Helping your pup out with their daily adventures will become easier, and more hilarious.

7. You’ll question what the point of opposable thumbs is if anything you put hours of effort into can be destroyed in mere seconds by paws.

8. If you have a pup with a mean streak, you’re in for some tough trouble.

9. Ever wonder what your pups do when you’re out? They drive.

10. There’s a pet version of the bro code. Educate yourself on it.

11. Better watch out for autocorrect while training your pup, or you’ll have some cleaning up to do.

12. Stories about your pup’s day might be a bit… boring.

13. If your pup gets sad when you leave, imagine the texts they’ll send while you’re gone.

14. Maybe your pup will show that he’s into hip hop.

15. You’ll have all the deep conversations.

16. If texting is a skill, then your pup can teach other pups. Look out.

17. You’ll have debates about all the important things in life.

18. Pups aren’t the best at jokes.

19. If pups kept pets, it’d probably be their fleas.

20. Pups can’t keep secrets very long, so prepare to hear about them.

21. They might draw the wrong conclusions about sounds.

22. You can try to help the postman out, but your pup is on to you.

23. When you have guests over, prepare for a nightmare.

24. Prepare to be guilt tripped when you send your pup to the vet.

25. And finally, you’ll love hearing about your pup’s escapades – until you realize what they mean.

Feature Image Source: Tiffy40