Kitten Feels Lonely At A Pet Store. Now Keep An Eye On What She Does Next!

In a little pet store in Taiwan, a beautiful friendship has been blooming. A puppy and a kitten live in two enclosures right next to each other and see each other every day through the glass. But they’ve never been able to meet without the partition. At least, not until tonight.


While the puppy lies listlessly in his enclosure, lonely and without anyone to play with, the kitten sees his sadness and longs to spend time with her friend to cheer him up. So, she attempts a feat worthy of a superhero. The little kitten discovers that she can fit her head through the gap on the top of the enclosure and does just that. She leaps up, squeezing herself through.

Her puppy friend sees what she’s doing and rushes forward to watch. In an incredible stunt, she swings over so that she’s hanging on to the opening at the top of his enclosure. The puppy runs to greet her and tries to pull her in. After a bit of effort, she manages to fit her way through! Amazing! This is one action star who will give the Mission Impossible franchise a run for its money!

Take a look at this video

This kitten pulled off a fantastic stunt out of love and friendship for her pup bestie. Her heartwarming actions mean that the two of them can now play together and snuggle up with each other. That definitely counts as a fantastic victory! Did this video make your day? If it did, give it a like and share it around to make others smile, too!

Feature Image Source: Animals☻