Lawyer Shares Free Legal Tips On His Facebook Account And They Are Hilarious!

Noble are these lawyers who are willing to offer their services for free. One of them is a man named L. Scott Briscoe, who helps people get off of the mess they made without asking any amount of money in return. Actually, EVERYONE has access to his educated, legal opinions–acquired from his 19 years of experience–as he would post all these “tips” on his very public Facebook account on a regular basis.

Mr. Briscoe’s free legal tips are quite a hit because he tells them in a hilariously sarcastic way you’d pee your pants! Don’t get him wrong, though! He is making sense. It’s just that he wants to sort of sugarcoat what he really means to say, which is DO NOT EVER BE STUPID, to avoid people’s feelings getting hurt. You get that?

Continue clicking to see a couple of Sir Briscoe’s extremely helpful legal tips. Enjoy!