They Left Their Rescue Dog With Their Baby. What They Saw When They Returned? OMG!

In a family filled with kids and fur-kids alike, two become best friends and find comfort and fun in each other. When Elizabeth Spence adopted Nora, an adorable English Pointer pup, form a rescue shelter, she still had no idea how big her family would become. Nora was a sweet-natured fur ball with a gentle heart who had been saved from an abusive situation.

Flash forward seven years to today, and the Spence family has grown to house a total of three children, three rescue pups, and three rescue cats. Having been the first of any of these, Nora has gotten along excellently with every new member of the family. But she gets along best with Archie, Spence’s eight-month-old son, who is the youngest of the bunch.

Nora and Archie frequently nap together under supervision, and the adorable sight of their loving relationship has led Spence to take photographs of them and post them on Instagram. Here are a few of them!

1. Spooning with a pup is the best way to cuddle.

2. The force is definitely strong with these two!

3. Teddy bears are for everyone, even fur balls.

4. Never fear, small human; I will protect you!

5. Together, we gaze into the horizon and ponder the mysteries of the universe. Or maybe we’re just watching the neighbors.

6. One big, happy, sleepy family!

7. Back-to-back, nothing can bring us down!

8. Two’s a company, three’s an even better company!

9. We can cuddle smaller versions of each other? Cuddle-ception!

10. I love you, small human!

Shelter pups can certainly be fantastic additions to your home! They will shower you with love and affection, unconditionally. Nora and Archie are definitely proof of that. Do give this a like and share it around with your friends!

Feature Image Source: Instagram