The Love This Cat Has For The Golden Retriever Is Too Cute For Words!

Animals that live in shelters can face a lot of stress! There’s plenty of noise, they mostly stay inside a kennel, and let’s face it – sharing a place with multiple other animals can be hard work. It can be a nice and welcome change for foster animals to be taken out of shelters and placed into foster homes while awaiting adoption.

But some multi-pet foster homes can have problems of their own. When many pets from different backgrounds come together, it can be hard to get along. Luckily, that isn’t the case at all for this funnily-named new foster kitten, Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants!

He’s loving his foster life, and it’s such a pleasant change for him that he can’t stop showing how happy he is! He especially loves his new foster brother, Murkin the family dog, and he’s making the fact very well-known! The adorable cat decides to snuggle up to Murkin non-stop, giving him plenty of hugs and cuddles.

Murkin is very confused by the sudden onslaught of attention. To his credit, he takes it all in quietly, and although he mostly looks puzzled, he seems to be enjoying the abundance of snuggles. Maybe he’s just never realized how snuggly he is!

Take a look at this video!

Thomas’ friendly disposition makes him a joy to be around! If he takes so well to a pup multiple times his size, you just know he’d get along with anyone. If you’d like some light in your home, why not consider becoming a foster parent to some pets, or maybe even adopt a new friend from a shelter? Do like and share this video if you enjoyed it!

Feature Image Source: dcjanelle