These Lovely Felines Are Considered ‘The Most Beautiful Twin Cats In The World’. Pay Attention To Their Eyes, Though!

All cats are beautiful.

Every single feline needs to be celebrated for his/her fierceness, and that’s thanks to this species’ stunning eyes. They got uber-gorgeous peepers. They got stares so piercing they could penetrate the deepest, inmost portions of anyone’s soul. Just plain magnificent!

Speaking of magnificent eyes, there are these twin cats who are currently considered the most beautiful kitties in the world! They have eyes like no other! Theirs are heterochromatic, meaning each of these two has a differently colored pair of eyeballs, which is awesome.

Abyss and Iriss, who live in Saint-Petersburg, are both 9 months old now. Their human dad can’t get enough of their jaw-dropping beauty that he’s created an Instagram account just for his two daughters. They already have fans of their own!

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