Man Gives Squirrel An Apple… Now Increase The Volume To Hear The Cutest Part!

It takes very little effort to be kind to animals, and often times the rewards are priceless! There’s plenty of wildlife that will happily form a bond with someone who shows compassion, and it can be fulfilling to be on the receiving end of an animal’s gratefulness.

This man was eating an apple when he couldn’t help noticing a squirrel in his backyard. Instead of shooing it away or ignoring it, he decided that he would live to give it a present. He decided to hand the core of the apple he’d been eating to the squirrel.

The squirrel curiously approached and decided to accept the offer, taking a small bite of the fruit. It must have been absolutely delicious, because soon, the squirrel picked up the whole apple core – which was just as big as he is! – and began to eat straight from it. It nibbled adorably on the yummy treat, holding it carefully in his tiny little hands.

Meanwhile, the man was able to capture the extremely cute sight of the squirrel eating the apple on video. Lucky us! All it took was a little kindness, and the squirrel relaxed and ate right in front of the man. The power of compassion is truly amazing!

Take a look at this video!

Maybe this little critter will make more frequent visits to his new friend now. We look forward to seeing that if it happens! Give this video a like and share it around if you enjoyed it!

Feature Image Source: Kyoot Animals