Man Starts Exercising, But When His Cats Find Out? This Is Too Adorable To Handle!

If you’re a cat owner, you can probably relate to the fact that cats will butt into basically everything. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, cats will find a way to squeeze their way in and get in the way, all while looking so adorable you just can’t be mad. This man knows the struggle is real. Every time he tries to exercise, his cats immediately get in the way!

When this man rolls out his exercise mat and starts doing working out, the cats starting working their way in! They demand his attention, bopping him on the head when he’s doing push-ups and trying to get him to pet them with his hands, which are clearly free if all they’re doing is holding him up! They even try so sit underneath him while he exercises, making it impossible to fulfill a complete set of moves.

Even moving the cats out of the way does nothing. The minute they’re moved away, they come crawling right back, barging into the exercise session as though they never should have left in the first place! What a funny predicament to be in. It’s a wonder that he gets anything done at all, ever. There’s no room for exercise when cats demand your love and attention at all times!

Take a look at this video!

Honestly, though, these cats are adorable. Sure, this situation might be a problem, but it’s a cute problem that I, personally, wouldn’t mind having! Cat lovers, do you agree? Don’t forget to like and share this around!

Feature Image Source: Sho Ko