Mommy Gives Birth To 10 Cute Puppies. What Happens Just Moments Later? Unbelievable.

The unwavering and unconditional love of a mother for her babies is one of the most inspiring forms of devotion. Although this certainly applies to human mothers, there’s no denying that pups can exhibit strong maternal instincts. A pit bull mom showcased her love for her 10 newborn babies after the family was abandoned at the Sacramento SPCA in California.

Staff were shocked when they turned up for work in the morning and found this pup mom and her litter left on their doorstep. The newborns were only a few days old and their mom’s residual bleeding led to the conclusion that she’d been dumped there just after giving birth. There was no food or water in sight.

The pit bull mother could have easily sought nourishment elsewhere, but she refused to leave her babies’ sides. She chose to wait for help to arrive while standing strong with her litter. Thanks to her devotion and love, all ten puppies were healthy!

At first, the shelter was concerned with having eleven new mouths to feed, and it would be unhealthy to separate the puppies from their mother at such a young age. But who would want to adopt eleven pups?

Luckily, a foster dad was happy to take them until they grew old enough to be separated! He was only too happy to welcome the family into his home, and he even prepared a special space for the mother and her children to snuggle and grow.

This inspiring story is a true tale of the love, hope, and perseverance of a mother. The sweet pit bull mom was friendly to everyone she met despite being abandoned. What an amazing, positive pup! She’s finally getting the rest she deserves, and she’s proven that by staying strong, anything can be overcome.

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Feature Image Source: Sacramento SPCA