Not All Superheros Wear Capes, And This Little Boy With Rare Cancer Was Lucky Enough To Meet One!

MVP doesn’t always mean “most valuable player” that has actually played a game. This 7 year old Micah Ahern from Texas is the MVP of TCU’s baseball team. In his short life, he has never played a minute of baseball, but that wasn’t the reason to stop him from rooting for the Omaha team that he adores.

Ahern has a rare form of cancer. Sadly but his family says that he has run out of treatment alternatives. This little boy has been a fan of TCU for some time, but they’re even bigger fans of Ahern.

“He’s only seven years old and I’ve never seen somebody take over a room with the kind of presence he has,” said Evan Skoug, TCU’s catcher.

When Ahern found himself in hospital, he and his mom were given a preset from a very kind anonymous donor. He was flown out his team’s play and hopefully they win in the College World Series.

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