On The Way To Slaughterhouse, This Scared Baby Pig Decided To Save Herself

Wombat the pig knew she was in trouble. She had been herded onto a truck with a bunch of other pigs and had a deep sense of foreboding. Wombat didn’t want to know where they were taking her, so she took matters into her own hands.

The four-month-old pig managed to squeeze between two slats and jump from the slaughterhouse truck barreling down the highway in Australia. The people behind the truck slammed on the brakes and swooped up Wombat to take her to a rescue for help.

At Mandurah Wildlife Rescue, wombat was found to have a fractured snout and eye socket, and severe internal bleeding. Her bravery landed her in such bad shape that she almost died on her first night in their care.

But Wombat wasn’t done. She fought hard for two months, and improved every day. Her weight at four months was only 6 pounds. But by the time she made it to her forever home at Greener Pastures Sanctuary, she was over 88 pounds!

Wombat is now a big pig who loves attention and snuggles. She enjoys being around the elderly and children the most and they enjoy her crooked snout and jaw along with her scars on her chin.

She even has a best friend named Freckle who was starved as a bay to make her appear to be a mini pig. Every pig is special and deserves a leap of faith, whether it be theirs or a person’s. To help farm animals like Wombat, you can donate to her sanctuary forever home here.

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Images & Feature Image Source: Greener Pastures Sanctuary