One Of Their Staff Was Inside This Kennel. When They Found Out Why? Tears.

For animals in a shelter they’re faced with so many adjustments. Although some come in needing a lot more attention and care than others. There’s also been such an influx of dogs being confiscated for abuse or mistreatment that shelters all across the country receive dogs in need of attention and care.

Well, at the Conway Area Humane Society an employee takes the care and love for her job and the dogs so works with higher than which many would ever even fathom doing.

You see when Prissy a 4 year old hound mix came to the shelter she had had a litter of puppies and needed to be fixed. When she was done with her surgery and was taken back to her kennel to recover. While she was being monitored Chrissy, the kennel supervisor noticed that Prissy was having a hard time with recovering.

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