He Placed A Plate Of Cucumbers In Front Of His Dog. Now Watch The Pup’s Reaction!

If you’ve ever considered feeding your dog anything other than traditional dog food, you’ve probably already looked up lists of dangerous and safe foods. Luckily, there’s a long list of food that is safe for pups and serve as great treats! This includes fruits and vegetables.

But it can be a long and tedious process to try feeding your pup each option on the list to see what they personally like. So before you plan your grocery list, why not show yourself how adorable that trial and error process can be by watching Great Gatsby the corgi taste test fruits and veggies?Gatsby is a proper and gentlemanly pup with the taste buds of a true food connoisseur, so he’s the perfect judge for these delectable treats.

He takes at least a lick of each one, and it’s very clear what his opinion is of them from how he reacts. With some, he gobbles up every last bit. With others, he can’t even manage more than a few licks. And then there are those that he considers mediocre and will pointedly only eat a small bit. It’s cute and hilarious to watch!

Take a look at this video!

The results of this experiment are conclusive for Gatsby – but your pup may have different tastes! So why not give this sort of taste test a try with your own fur balls, even on a smaller scale? The results may surprise you, and it provides great alternatives for treats! Do give this a like and share, share away!

Feature Image Source: Great Gatsby the Corgi