This Pooch Has The Most Hilarious Reaction To Getting Flipped Off!

Before anything else, I want to make this clear: It is NEVER nice to just randomly flash your middle finger to people sans valid reasons.

We get so mad and disgusted whenever someone flips the bird in front of our eyes, especially when we haven’t even done something for us to deserve that bomb. Chances are, we’d flash that person the cockatoo as well to make the situation even. But, one pooch has got to have the best reaction to getting the dirty sign.

Whenever his owner flips him off, he’d quickly hit back in the most adorable fashion. He’d have the same reaction each time it’s extremely slide-splitting! Without further ado, here’s the video:

Video by YouTube/UNILAD

It’s safe to say that animals and humans are very much alike in the sense that they almost got identical reactions to bu… to unpleasant situations.

Featured Image by YouTube/UNILAD